Drive-Thru on Demand began as the vision of Houston restauranteur John Carlew and Oklahoma City-based entrepreneur Chris Spradlin in 2017.

Carlew, who has built a successful 20+-year career history opening and managing some of the most well-known fast-food restaurant concepts in the United States, realized through his experience in day-to-day operations the need for local mid-size restaurants to be able to compete for the millions of dollars spent in fast-food, drive-thru orders every day in America. What was missing was a streamlined, easy-to-implement process that was accessible for the restaurant and user-friendly for the consumer. That’s when Spradlin and Carlew joined their experience, knowledge and resources and began the process to launch what would eventually become an innovative new app named Drive-Thru on Demand.

The app is currently available and is experiencing steady growth as more restaurants learn about this low-risk investment in greater sales opportunities and more consumers begin to ask for the convenience of fast-food ordering from their favorite local better-than-fast-food restaurants. Plans for availability in markets throughout the United States are currently underway.

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