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If you could add an additional 15 orders a day at the national average price for take out orders, then you would add an additional $12,000 per month to your bottom line

It’s Time to Make the Switch to the New “Drive Thru On Demand” Model:

In a quick 30 min call we help you prioritize, pivot and execute quickly.

Now, more than ever, we have to be able to move FAST and convert your restaurant to the new Drive-Thru On Demand Model.
That’s why we’ve opened up our call schedules and have availed the help of our entire team…

Here’s How It Works…

We are an app that offers the convenience of a drive-thru to restaurants and consumers.

We understand there is a need right now with the current market situation and we are here to offer our help and solution to restaurants by providing a drive-thru service … making you Coviid-19 Compliant!

Our app turns any restaurant into a drive-thru restaurant.

We’ve decided as a company to WAIVE our typical 14.5% per transaction fee for ALL of our current restaurant partners and ANY new restaurant partners that join DTOD in order to help as many restaurants as possible.

This will allow your restaurant to retain 100% of your sale.

If your customers order through our app, it will be exactly like they were sitting in your dining room. The only fee that we as a company will collect is the $2.25 convenience fee that the customer will gladly pay.

There is no catch and no third party handling your food. Your restaurant will not be charged any fees and you will receive in store and social media marketing tools to inform your customers about DTOD, and your menu will be loaded into our app.

No monthly or renewal fees. We will evaluate the partnership further down the road once the market settles back down.

You can sign up for a call above by choosing a time that works for your schedule and together we will map out a custom blueprint to help you through this crazy time.

If you have any questions about our service, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help you make it through these changing times.

Have a blessed week,

Tim Taylor
Drive-Thru On Demand

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