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Restaurant FAQs


DRIVE-THRU ON DEMAND is an app-based system that allows ALL restaurants to compete for their share of the drive-thru market without the risk of additional capital expenditures.

How does it work?

Your customer uses the app to order from your menu and pay. When the order is placed, restaurant staff receives an immediate alert via tablet or smartphone. The customer is kept informed of the process, from preparation to completion, with preset alerts. Upon receipt of the “order is ready” alert, the customer drives to the restaurant and taps the “I AM HERE” icon. Staff receives customer’s name, license plate and car make/model information, and carries the order – fresh, hot, and paid for – out to the car. 

There is no need for the customer to get out, go in, or sit in a drive-thru line!

Why should I sign up my restaurant?

200 billion reasons! In 2018, the national restaurant association reported that restaurant drive-thru industry totaled approximately 200 billion in total sales. DTOD can help you compete for your share.

What does it cost my restaurant?

There is a one-time nominal sign up fee per location of $199. After that, there is no cost to the restaurant until a customer orders from your restaurant. For each order, you simply pay a 14.5% fee; less than half of the fees of national delivery apps.

The exciting question is; what can DTOD make for your restaurant? All DTOD sales are incremental sales.

What is an incremental sale?

Incremental sales are defined simply as sales or actions that result from a particular marketing effort or through a particular channel of activity that the merchant would not have realized without that effort or activity taking place. DTOD offers you the opportunity to make the most profit possible off of each of these sales, because the cost of the sale is proportional to the costs associated with the order. To put it simply: whether you sign up with DTOD or not, your fixed costs are the same. With DTOD, the only costs you have are food, paper/goods, the DTOD fee, your credit card fees, and packaging costs . All other costs are fixed. There is no need to add extra rent, electricity, labor, or cleaning supplies. As an example, your cost on the sale could be 53.5% – leaving the remaining 46.5% to add directly to the bottom line.

What does it cost my customer?

The download is free, and a nominal $2.25 convenience fee is added when an order is placed, regardless of order size.

How do I receive the order and communicate with my customer?

It’s all a seamless process built into the app!

How do I get the word out?

Let your existing customers know that you are now a part of this exciting new technology and encourage them to download the app while at your restaurant. Post the news on your social media as well. To help, we have built in easy-to-use share tools throughout the app so every time your customer orders they are prompted to share it. Lastly, we provide social media marketing partners as well as partners for stickers, table tents, etc., for a pre-negotiated competitive national pricing structure.

How is this different from delivery and curbside?


Dine-in and fast casual restaurants have struggled to find effective delivery options. In an effort to provide customers the convenience they want, they often settle for third-party options that are expensive and inefficient, often require minimums, and take quality control out of the restaurant’s hands.

DRIVE-THRU ON DEMAND puts control – and profits – back in the hands of the restaurant operator.

Curbside Delivery

While many dine-in and fast casual restaurants have made the effort to provide a more convenient take-out option for their customers, the implementation can be cumbersome and cost-prohibitive. At a minimum, costs can include: build-out or retro-fit for installation of curbside counter, communication infrastructure, manpower to answer phones and take orders, and designated parking spaces.

DTOD provides all of the benefits with none of the additional costs. 

Consumer FAQs

Have you ever wished your favorite sit-down restaurant had a drive-thru? Or that you could call in and pick up food without having to get out and go in?

We’re about to make your dinner….er, day. With Drive-Thru On Demand.


DRIVE-THRU ON DEMAND is an app-based system that gives you an easy way to enjoy your favorite foods from your favorite restaurants with the convenience of a drive-thru.

How does it work?

Just download the free app, find your favorite restaurant, place your order, and pay. The restaurant staff receives your order and you receive progress alerts throughout the process. Upon receipt of the “order is ready” alert, just drive to the restaurant, tap the “I AM HERE” icon and a staff member will bring your order, hot and fresh, out to your car. 

What does it cost?

The download is free, and a nominal $2.25 convenience fee is added when your order is placed. That’s it! No expensive delivery fees or extra charges from the restaurant.

When I arrive, how will they know it’s me?

When you set up your user profile, you’ll enter your name and the make, model and license plate number of your car. The restaurant receives this information when you order.

What if I have special requests on my order?

The app is designed to accommodate modifications to orders, special requests, and any other adjustments you need to communicate to the restaurant.

Why not just do delivery?

Adding a delivery driver into the process adds significant delay from the time your food is finished to the time it arrives at your house. Drive-Thru On Demand gets your order in your hands while it’s still fresh and hot. And if there are any questions or issues with your order, it can be handled on the spot. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a stranger handling your food and showing up at your house. Best of all, it’s a fraction of the cost of delivery fees and tips! Just a $2.25 convenience fee automatically added to your order.

Drive-Thru On Demand is a fresh new way to make fresh, higher quality food a more convenient part of your life.

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