How it Works

The biggest draw for consumers who frequent fast food restaurants is undoubtedly convenience and speed. But as consumers become increasingly informed and concerned about the sourcing, quality and healthiness of what they eat, Drive-Thru on Demand steps up to the literal plate – bringing the ease and quickness of fast food to local mid-size restaurants offering healthier, higher quality options.

With the simple download of the app, the customer can order from their favorite restaurant in the convenience of their own home and pick up the order without ever getting out of the car. The process works like this:

  1. Customer orders and pays from the app.
  2. Restaurant immediately receives the order, then notifies the customer through preset alerts throughout the process, from when the order is being prepared to when it is ready to go out the door.
  3. When the “order is ready” alert is received, the customer drives up to the designated area, taps the “I’m Here” icon, and the restaurant is alerted to the customer’s arrival.
  4. The alert also gives the restaurant the customer’s name, vehicle make/model, license plate, and order number. A restaurant employee then takes the order out to the waiting customer.

There is no need to get out, go in, or sit in a drive-thru line!

For Restaurants

For Consumers

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