License Your Own Territory

There’s is no one else that allows you to own your own business in the tech industry.

What does it mean to license your own territory with DTOD?

It means that you own your own territory in which you go out into your community, sign up your local restaurants and share in the DTOD income stream. 

DTOD is an innovative app that allows any restaurant to become a drive-thru restaurant. It is now the most sought-after technology in the restaurant and retail space. See how it works here:

The history of DTOD

The idea of DTOD began to take shape in late 2016. With over 50 years of restaurant experience themselves, the founders of DTOD knew that if locally owned restaurants wanted to remain competitive, they would have to innovate. And now, with the disruption in the industry caused by COVID, innovating to meet new consumer needs is more relevant than ever.

DTOD allows ALL restaurants to compete in the $200 billion drive-thru industry without the massive expense of adding a physical drive-thru window.

Robust Technology

In the post-pandemic world, restaurants are now seeing that their in-dining seating capacities are being reduced by up to 50%. They are also realizing that consumer behavior has been altered forever in that consumers are now demanding quick, convenient, contactless ways to receive their meals while also shunning the expensive and frustrating delivery apps. DTOD has the solution. By taking the delivery driver out of the equation, DTOD not only allows the consumer to order and pick up their meals directly from their favorite restaurants in their own timeframe, but also does it affordably.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are a virtual drive-thru – we are not a delivery company. Delivery companies are plagued with news stories of drivers not delivering food, taking bites of food, taking too long for food to arrive, or delivering food that is cold. Restauranteurs can’t control the food once it’s left their building with delivery app companies. They are putting their restaurant’s reputation in the hands of a delivery driver they’ve never met. We leave the control of the food and the customer experience in the restaurant owner’s hands with ZERO transaction fees to the restaurant.  Comparably, most food delivery apps charge 15-30% per order while also charging the consumer an average of $9 per order in tips and delivery fees. WE ARE ALSO GIVING THE RESTAURANTS A BRAND NEW INCOME STREAM by giving them the ability to compete in the $200 billion drive thru market. Until DTOD, the locally owned restaurant simply did not have the ability to compete for this highly sought after portion of the industry.

Why License a Territory with DTOD?

If you’re tired of the financial insecurity of working for someone else, DTOD might just be right for you to own your own business in the technology industry. DTOD is the only company in the technology industry that is allowing the public to partner in a high profit, low risk industry. 

DTOD is a proven technology with several hundred restaurant partners now using our service. From locally owned family restaurants to nationally recognized brands, DTOD can service any and all restaurants quickly and efficiently. DTOD IS LOOKING FOR JUST A FEW QUALIFIED ENTREPRENEURS TO JOIN US. DTOD is licensing territories that are defined by zip code, giving our licensed partners not only a large territory to build their businesses but also clear and concise boundary lines so you can grow your business with the confidence of knowing that your business will remain robust for years to come. Here are just a few other reasons to license with us:

  • After the initial licensing fee there are no other fees to be paid, ever.
  • Make money on each sign-up.  Each restaurant pays a one time sign up fee so you get immediate cash flow. Then the restaurant is never charged another fee; why wouldn’t they want to sign up?
  • Make a percentage of the DTOD fees from every transaction in your territory.  DTOD charges the consumer a convenience fee that is currently $2.99  PER TRANSACTION.  All territory owners share in the fee. The more restaurants that sign up in your territory and the more orders they receive each day the more you make. Even while you’re on vacation. 
  • No need for employees, unless you choose.
  • DTOD handles all of the onboarding process and customer support after the restaurant signs up, which allows the licensee to just focus on growing their business.
  • Get credit for all sign-ups in your zip code no matter how they’re signed up.
  • NO DEBT! DTOD is a debt free company and we strive to make sure we help our licensees stay debt free as well. Most business opportunities not only require a franchise fee up front, but then you have to buy equipment, secure leases, hire and train employees, obtain the proper permits and more. DTOD alleviates all of that. Just sign up, pay your initial licensing fee and there are no more financial requirements. 
  • No personal guarantees. Most business opportunities require you to not only make huge capital investments but also sign personal guarantees on loans and leases that could put your personal finances in jeopardy. 
  • Get up and running quickly.  We can have your restaurant sign ups taking orders in as little as 72 hours from the time they sign up.
  • Run and grow your business on your terms.

How do I Build my Business?

We keep it simple.

Step 1: Gather a list of all the restaurants in your area

Step 2: Contact the DTOD President of Sales to put together a solid strategy for approaching the restaurants on your list. We have multiple strategies in sales and marketing that we know work for which we provide training.

Step 3: Close the deal and create the ongoing relationship with your local restaurant owners.

Step 4: Work together with the DTOD President of Restaurant Relations on the DTOD restauranteur playbook. He will coach you, step by step, on how to increase consumer usage in your area. (For one of our new partners in California, this led to 40 new orders in the first two days!)

What am I Licensing?

You are partnering with DTOD to build your very own DTOD license area defined by a zip code that you pick– creating the ability to generate income without investing in a brick-and-mortar location, signing a franchise agreement, or putting your name on a long-term lease.

How do I get Started?

Since your territory will be defined by a zip code, you will begin by filling out the form below and pick your top three zip code choices.

What’s the Process?

Once the DTOD team receives your inquiry, we will schedule an introductory call to discuss whether we feel DTOD is a good fit for you and answer any questions you may have. Please note that DTOD is only allowing a small percentage of territories to be licensed and therefore will not be able to accommodate all requests.

What are the Costs in Licensing a Territory?

The license fee is determined by zip code but follows a simple formula that’s not only fair but easy to understand.  Each licensed zip code licensing fee is determined by the number of households based on the latest verifiable data either through US census data or through existing county data. The DTOD license fee is then determined by multiplying number of households by $2.25 determining your ONE TIME license fee. DTOD makes it transparent while also making it easy, fair and affordable for all of our licensees.  

How do I Make Money?

3 simple but profitable ways:

1.  As mentioned before, each restaurant that signs up pays a one time sign up fee.  The licensee will make a portion of that sign up fee.

2.  Also, as mentioned above, the consumer gladly pays a convenience fee of $2.99 per transaction.  This allows the consumer to order and pick up their food directly from the restaurant of their choice giving them the ability to receive food faster, fresher and directly from a trusted source. The licensee shares in EVERY convenience fee. 

3.  The third way is the licensee will be building an asset base in their respective territories while they build their business and income.  What that means is that the licensee will have the rights under the licensing agreement to sell their territory to approved third parties if they choose.  The more restaurants that sign up in your area and the more the app is used by consumers every day the more your territory is worth. 

Can I Own More than One Territory?

Currently, a licensee is allowed to License up to three zip codes under each license agreement. 

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