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MARCH 22, 2020


Drive Thru On Demand (DTOD), an app-based technology company, is stepping in amid the COVID-19 crisis to aid those in the California restaurant industry who are feeling the hard hit of the closed-dining-room mandate.

DTOD allows any restaurant to operate as a drive-thru restaurant with a simple interactive app that enables customers to order from a smartphone or tablet, coordinating communication between customer and restaurant throughout the preparation process, so the customer knows when to arrive. When the customer drives up curbside at the restaurant, an “I’m here” button alerts the restaurant and provides appropriate identifying information such as car make and model. The order is then carried out to the car.

DTOD requires no special equipment or technology. Any restaurant of any size can be up and running in less than an hour.

Normally, DTOD charges a per-transaction fee of 14.5% to the restaurant and a $2.25 convenience fee to the consumer. However, during this critical time, DTOD is waiving all transaction fees to the restaurant until December 31, 2020, enabling them to keep 100% of the sale. Additionally, as an extra help during this time, DTOD will reimburse each restaurant a portion of the customer convenience fee from initial sign-on until 60 days after the ban is officially lifted.

The CDC has made it clear that reducing person-to-person contact is critical right now, and DTOD enables operators to eliminate the need for a delivery person – keeping the transaction as efficient as possible. Additionally, cutting out delivery ensures the customer receives their order at its freshest.

Both the USDA and CDC have stated that there is no evidence to suggest that the virus can be spread through food or packaging – so restaurants who can adapt quickly will be able to continue to do business, albeit differently.

DTOD was started by John Carlew, a longtime restaurant industry professional, who understands how critical measures like these are for restaurants who hope to survive the severe drop in income and pay their employees. “Many of us at DTOD have been on the frontlines during difficult economic times for the restaurant industry and we know that small gestures like this can make or break someone’s business,” said Carlew, “We were very moved to step in and do what we can to help ”

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