Dinner doesn’t have to be stressful. Check out how the DRIVE-THRU ON DEMAND app can make it easy.

Check out how easy it is to order with DRIVE-THRU ON DEMAND. 

Email Blasts

Have an email blast for your customers? Use this template to let them know about the newest way to order!

Social Media Templates

Use these social media templates to let them know about the new way to order with DRIVE-THRU ON DEMAND!

Company Logos

Logo – Small
Logo – Large

Promo Button

Use this button on your site to promote your partnership with Drive-Thru on Demand. Link the button to the App Store or to the DTOD website. If you require assistance with the app, contact Harlan Bowling at Paradigm Creative.

DTOD Website Plug-In Tool

This is our MOST SUCCESSFUL tool. The Website Plug-In is a pop up that you can install on your website that points customers towards the app for ordering. Click here for more information and installation instructions.

Training Tools

DTOD Restaurant App Best Practices 

  •  Keep your device awake and open on the Restaurant App during business hours.
  •  Keep your device next to your POS so it can be viewed frequently.
  •  Keep sound on. 
  •  Keep push notifications in device settings on. 
  •  Assign one person to manage the App daily. 
  •  Get familiar with the Customer App. 

Printable Marketing

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